High School: Transition Time!

Welcome to Transition to LHS! My name is Jane Sullivan, and I'm a graduate of Langley High School. I completed my Gold Award in Girl Scouts, which pertains to creating a project that will benefit others. Therefore, I've decided to create a website to help rising freshmen or other new students transition into High School. On this website, I will be providing information about the school, the differences between Middle vs. High School, answering questions, and talking about the anxiety that comes with the whole process. I hope that you find this website helpful, and please feel free to email me or fill out the google form with any questions and/or concerns.

When it was time for me to transition from middle to high school, I was extremely anxious about it, and I know that there are kids who are the same way. I called on my older sister as well as my school counselor for help. Both were extremely helpful in different areas, but I know from experience that you can always go to your counselor for help. Even if your assigned counselor isn't available, anyone in student services can help you, since their main job is to help students thrive. In addition, you don't have to be embarrassed for feeling nervous or asking somebody for help. At some point, all the students were freshmen, being small fish in the big sea. As you advance in grade levels, the stress can go away some, and you feel more comfortable. It's completely normal to feel anxious, and there are some things that you can do to help prepare yourself if you are still feeling particularly anxious. I hope that this website can help you and maybe alleviate some stress from starting high school, because once you start it in the fall, you get the hang of it quickly.

I've included my email address, which is the best and fastest way to contact me. If you don't feel comfortable with me knowing your name, then you can use the google form on the "Q&A" Page, where all questions, comments, or concerns are anonymous.


Email: Janeys2003@yahoo.com