Cafeteria, Courtyard, and Lunch Tips

The cafeteria was one of the locations in the school that was completely renovated from several years ago. Besides just being a place to eat during lunches, it is also used for

  • Club meetings

  • Saxon service

  • Before and after school meeting spot with friends

  • Special events

Some things that you might not know about the cafeteria:

  • There are 4 lunch lines, each with a different cuisine of food (Italian, Grill, Mexican, Asian). You can go to whichever one you want, but you want to get there fast (as soon as you enter the cafeteria) because “Grill” and “Mexican” are the most popular choices and the lines can take a long time otherwise

  • There are microwaves located around the cafeteria that are free to use for anybody. I believe there are 4-5, and like the lunch lines, they are frequently used

  • The cafeteria is also right next to the courtyard, where students are allowed to eat whenever they please, except during bad weather or another unpredictable cause

  • Tables fill up fast during lunch, so you want to get to your desired table fast to claim it. That also goes along the lines with chairs; some people have large groups eat together and take chairs from other tables

  • Seating options: booths, chairs, or the ledge overlooking the courtyard (There is no table, so you’d have to eat off your lap)

  • Depending on which lunch you have (A,B,C, or D) you are allowed to leave your backpack in your teacher's classroom (B or C), or else you’d bring your entire backpack with you (A, or D)