Middle vs. High School

When transitioning from Middle to High School, there are numerous differences, some more obvious than others. Additionally, there are also similarities between Middle and High school as well. I've created a chart below displaying the differences between Middle vs. High School

Middle School (Cooper Specifically)

  • Every Student is assigned a locker, that they go to at least once every day in-between classes

  • Every grade is separated into different teams, with a different counselor to each one. You will most likely not have the same counselor for both years

  • In-between each class there is a 4-minute transition period

  • You have 7 classes a day, including QST, and each day (day 1, day 2, etc.) you don’t have that class

  • If you ride the bus, in the morning, after exiting the bus you must go to either the Cafeteria, Gym 1 or Gym 2, or the library. Then 5 minutes before class you get dismissed by the teacher(s)

  • You are not allowed to drive to school, instead you either ride the bus, carpool with friends, walk/bike, or get driven by someone

  • Ticket runs on back gravel path

  • The module, which is separate from the main building

  • For the most part, you'll probably only have each teacher once (Except for elective classes or extracurricular activities)

  • Only one vice principal

High School (Specifically Langley)

  • In the morning, students can go anywhere in the building. Some of the most popular areas are Langley Hall, Cafeteria, Library, and Common areas. There is a 5-minute bell, and that is usually when students start making their way to 1st period

  • Students carry everything they need for the school day inside their backpacks. There are lockers, but they are the square shaped ones and if a student wants one, they must request separately​

  • Counselors and students are determined alphabetically, so you will have the same counselor for all 4 years. There are no "teams" per grade level.

  • In-between each class there is a 7-minute transition period

  • There is a block schedule, changing between a “gold” day, and a “green day”. This means there are 4 classes, 1 hour and a half each, including Langley Links (equivalent to QST)

  • During nice weather, you are allowed to eat outside in the courtyard

  • Much more freedom within the building; between class, lunches, before/after school

  • A wider variety of possible classes and electives to choose from

  • Various hallways and wings designated for certain subjects (Science Wing, etc.)

  • You are allowed to chew gum, wear flip flops, slides, crocs, etc., unless you have gym

  • Gym class, health, and drivers Ed (only sophomore year) for freshmen and sophomore year

  • During a Covid-free school year, each quarter every grade gets a treat day. It is usually a donut, and during Saxon Time

  • Increased stress due to more responsibility, schoolwork, and/or sports (More about that on Anxiety with starting High School page)

  • During freshman and sophomore years, you must participate in 25-minute runs during gym

  • While there are separate wings and hallways for each subject, there is only one main building where everything is located

  • School newsletter (Saxon Scope) which publishes issues throughout the course of the school year

  • You are likely to get the same teacher for more than one school year

  • More than 50 clubs and organizations that you can join

  • Saxon Service, which is once a month, is an opportunity to do designated activities which will benefit a charity, it’s during Saxon Time and you get 1-hour worth of service credit

  • 4 assistant principals which are assigned to each grade level (freshmen-senior). You remain with the same person for all 4 years, even as you progress in grade levels

  • All seniors are allowed to drive to school, and juniors are allowed to apply for a parking permit for the school year (A certain number of passes are given out)