Q & A and FAQs

Below are some questions that you might have or that I thought of. If you would like to ask a question that it not included below, go to the google form below that you can fill out. All responses are confidential, and you do not need to include your name.


Q: How does the Green/Gold Day Schedule work?

A: Odd days are green days (odd number of letters), even days are gold days (even number of letters)

Green/Odd Day (1,3,5,7)

1st period


3rd period- EVERYDAY (55 minutes)

5th period or A lunch

B and C lunch are during 5th (or 4th) period class), D Lunch is after full class

7th period

Gold/Even Days (2,3,4,6)

2nd period


3rd period

A lunch or 4th Period

6th period

*each class (besides 3rd period) is 1 hour and a half

* Saxon time is 30 minutes; 3rd period is 55 minutes

* your 4th/5th period teacher will tell you what lunch you have

Q: Can I wear Crocs or Flip Flops to School?

A: You can wear flip flops, crocs, or any other footwear you want. I would highly recommend leaving a pair of tennis shoes in your gym locker, so you don't have to think about footwear and having gym the same day. Also keep in mind your science class, depending on what you are doing that day your teacher might require you to wear closed-toed shoes

Q: How are the Teachers?

A: The teachers are all great! There is certainly a wide age range, but all are very understanding to any needs. Each core class will have a "group" of different possible teachers you might have, depending if you are taking regular, honors, or AP. It is highly encouraged to choose the class, and not the teacher, since there is not a guaranteed that you will be assigned a particular teacher for the requested class

Q: What do you do if you are late to School?

A: If you get to school late (missed bus, sick, doctors, etc.), you must go to the attendance office (window next to front office) to get a pink slip. Then just go to your first period class and give the teacher the slip. Also, if you are on the bus, but there's traffic and you're late that way, then when you get off the bus you will be given a "excused tardy" since the bus was late and you have no control over it. After receiving the pass, go to 1st period

Q: What Do you do if you have to leave school early?

A: If you need to leave school early (Doctors appointment, family emergency, etc.) then before school you must have your parent/guardian write you a “pass” explaining the situation. Once you get to school you go to the attendance office (left side of the main office) and hand them the note that your parents wrote. From that, they will write down your name and ask why and when you are leaving, and if you are coming back. Then, they will give you a pass which you must show to your teacher(s) before the class period to let them know that you are leaving.

Q: What happens if I miss the Bus?

A: If you miss the bus, then you are responsible for getting to school on your own. If you make it before the bell rings (8:10), then it doesn't matter. there is a 5-minute bell so if you hear a bell it might not be the start of school bell. If you are being driven to school by a parent, go to either the front door or Langley Hall door (#17).

Q: Will I Have any Classes with Upperclassmen?

A: Generally, you don't have any core classes with upperclassmen, but depending on which electives you are taking it is possible. Certain electives are offered for multiple grade levels, so it is possible, though the majority of your classes will be of only peers in your same grade.

Q: Do we get a Free period?

A: Technically, no. Saxon time or "Langley Links" can act as a free period since it is for 30 minutes daily and you get the choice of what you need or want to do during that time. Some of the most common things that students do is complete homework, hang out with friends (In the same class), get help from a teacher, etc.

Q: Can you hang out with your friends during Saxon Time or go to the Common Areas?

A: Nope. Over the past few years, Saxon Time’s policies have become increasingly stricter, where you have to stay in your 1st-period class unless you have a pass from another teacher giving you permission to see them. The common areas are only allowed to be used before and after school, not even during lunch. Additionally, if a teacher gives you permission to use a common area table for a project or schoolwork, then you are able to use the space.

Q: Are you allowed to use the printers in the Library?

A: Yes. There are 2 available printers that you can use in the library. If you are in a class and the teacher tells you to print from the library printer then it is free. Otherwise, if you forget to print something at home or for personal use, each page that you print black/white is 10 cents. Each Colored paper you print is 50 cents. You don’t have to pay the money directly each time you print. After you print you go up to the library’s main desk and tell them what you printed and the quantity. They will put the “bill” on My School Bucks account.

Q: Where is the Nurse’s Office?

A: The Nurse’s office is adjacent to the attendance and main offices. If you enter through the school’s front doors, it is the door on the left right before the attendance office. It's not obvious where it is, but you can always ask someone at the attendance or main office

Q: How often are the 25-Minute runs in P.E?

A: Once a week. Depending on whether or not it is a green or gold day you will either run the last Thursday or Friday of every week, unless the weather is bad. If the weather is bad, instead of running you do fitness stations inside. Fitness stations are inside the main gym, and have 10 or more mini stations (depending on how large and how many classes) per period. At each station there is a exercise or activity (burpees, jump rope, sit-ups, etc.) that you and others in small groups must take part in for 30 seconds. Usually you go around each station at least twice, but sometimes it can be more or less depending on the number of stations there are.

Q: Do you change out for P.E? Where are the locker rooms?

A: yes, you change out for P.E. On the off chance that you forget your uniform, there are a limited number of extras that you can use for the class. Girl dressing rooms are in the same hallway as the gyms. If walking from the right or from Langley Hall, it is on the right hand side of the hallway, before the ramp leading down to the main gym's entrance. If approaching from the left, you pass the weight room entrance as well as the ramp going down to the gym entrance and it will be on the left hand side.

The boys locker room is a bit more tricky. If you are exiting the main gym's doors, you will notice a set of stairs. If you follow the stairs, then it leads to the boys locker room. It also leads to the hallway above the gym and leads to the health room if you keep walking. Most boys take the stairs up, instead of taking the upstairs hallway and entering that way.

Q: How long is lunch? Can you use your phones?

A: All 4 lunch times are 25 minutes. Although there are 4 lunch lines, they get long fast so I recommend getting in line as soon as you get to the cafeteria so that you can have as much time to eat

Yes, you are allowed to use your phones or any other electronic device during lunch.

Q: Are there lockers you can use?

A: Yes. Coming from middle school the lockers were full size. Here, most students carry everything they need in their backpacks during the day. It is still possible to get a locker, although they are about a quarter of a size of the full-sized ones. They could fit a jacket, or a few books but that’s about it.

Q: Can you chew gum/eat during class and in the hallways?

A: Yes. If you wish to do so during class, ask your teacher just to make sure since certain rooms/labs (science) you are not allowed to eat or drink in. As long as it is not messy, and you clean up after yourself your teacher should be fine with it.

Q: How can I get extra help if I need it?

A: There are different ways to obtain help from either peers or teachers. First, Saxon Time. Request a pass from your teacher that you're wanting to go to and do so as needed. The only problem with Saxon time is that sometimes other students are getting help at the same time, and the classroom might be noisy with the teacher's first period class. If you want more one on one time, then I highly recommend joining the peer mentors’ group. There is defiantly one for math, but I'm not sure about other subjects. The peer mentor group means that you will be assigned an upperclassman who volunteers to give help on certain subjects. Like Saxon Time you will get a pass and then go to your math classroom whenever you want help and your mentor is available to help. If you go to the Resources tab in this website, there's a part that includes the various teachers to contact if you need help with a certain subject.

Another resource offered at Langley is the Writing Center. On certain days of the week, you can sign up during your lunch period to go to the writing center and either get help on your writing, get feedback, etc. from other peers.

Q: Can I wear hats or head coverings to school?

A: Nope. Unless you specify with your counselor and have a valid reason for wanting to wear head covering (medical, religious, or another reason) you can't wear it.

Q: Are we allowed to use the vending machines?

A: Yes, there are both snack and drink machines that you can buy from. Most of the snacks are the same ones sold in the cafeteria during lunch, whereas the drinking machine is a variety.

Q: Is there breakfast available in the mornings to buy?

A: yes, before school you can buy a variety of breakfast foods from the cafeteria. It is around the same price as lunches would be. It doesn't just sell breakfast foods, there are also drinks and snacks. Due to covid-19, lunches and breakfasts are free

Q: Can I drive to school?

A: It depends on your grade level. Freshmen and Sophomores are not allowed to. Juniors can fill out an application, and if they are selected then they get to drive and park. All seniors who wish to drive can

Q: How long is the transition time between classes?

A: 10 minutes during Covid, but in the past it has been 7 minutes, which should be more than enough time, even when the hallways are crowded

Q: Do Upper- and Lower-Class Students get along?

A: Yes, everyone really sticks to their own group of friends and there is no bullying between the upperclassmen and lowerclassmen. If you don't do anything to them, nobody will bother you.

Q: What if I can't find my class during the school day?

A: Don't worry, it happens. The entire school, minus the science wing is a giant square. The classroom numbers that start with "1" are on the bottom floor, and the numbers that start with "2" are on the top floor. If you know which floor your class is on, walk in the circle and eventually you will find it. Additionally, you are always welcome to ask your previous teacher, or another student in the hallway. The Science wing is on both the top and bottom floors and are an extension to the main circle. Besides that, there is the "old new wing" which is the hallway to the left of Student Services, and another hallway to the right, which dips inwards where there are classes. Unless you are taking an unusual class, your room number will be in the main circle and/or in the science wing.

Q: Do Teachers give a lot of homework?

A: It depends on which classes you are taking. If you are taking all general courses (No AP or Honors), then you will have around 30-45 minutes of homework each class. If you are taking an hours or AP class, the homework load can be around 1-3 hours each class depending on where you are in the school year and how rigorous the class is. Before taking multiple AP or honors classes for one school year, the counselors highly recommend doing the "checklist" of if you can handle that much stress and work. I included the link below:

Q: Is there a lot more work in High School?

A: Not as much as you would think. Depending on the classes (regular, honors, AP, dual enrollment) that you are taking, you will have various amounts of homework and classwork. I was worried about the amount of work as well, but planned out ways to ease my anxiety, such as doing some work during class if you teacher gives you time, working during Saxon time, or if you are working at home taking periodic breaks. Another reminder is if it becomes to much to handle, please talk to your teacher. They want to help you and won't get mad at you as long as they know that you are trying.

Q: What was Laptop distribution like before Covid?

A: Before Covid started a mass email would be sent out to students by the laptop man Mr. S. Included on the email would be a list of dates and times for you to sign up for per grade level, and certain locations in the building (Langley Hall, Lecture, Hall, Cafeteria). When you show up for the time you signed up for you are given a FCPS issued laptop, charger, and a protective case. It is not mandatory that you only use your FCPS laptop during the school year but it is highly recommended since certain software is on it and when taking either SOL's or AP Exams then you will need to use it.

Q: How many clubs/organizations are you allowed to join?

A: As many as you would like! There's no limit, although some clubs you have to put more work into it than others

Q: What's the workload like? How Much time is spent daily on homework?

A: Regular classes have around 30 minutes to 1 hour of homework (Although most have less or around 30 minutes). Honors classes aim to have around 1 hour to an hour and a half. AP classes aim to have around 1 1/2- 2 hours of homework per class daily. These are the targeted amount of times but sometimes they vary. Freshman year you usually have around 1- 1 1/2 hours of homework total per night at the most. I use Saxon time (since it is every day) to complete some of my homework then, and highly recommend this for others as well.

Q: Where am I allowed to sit during lunch?

A: Each day (If the weather is optimal) you are allowed to eat in the cafeteria or courtyard. You are not allowed to eat in the common areas or Langley Hall unless the weather is bad. The administration will let you know on bad weather days when you are and are not allowed to eat.