There are a variety of different activities to take place in at Langley, including sports, marching band, theatre, and clubs. For more information about student activities visit the link below:

Marching band/Color guard

  • Marching band only during the fall, during football season

  • If you are only joining the marching band and not regular band then you do not need to try out

  • Part of marching band includes playing at Friday night football games (if it’s a home game, you don’t play on away games), competitions around the state (JMU is the biggest one), and lots of practicing

  • Marching band is very hard work, and takes a lot of your time, but it is extremely rewarding

  • Mr. Martin is the band director and Mr. Antonucci is the assistant

    • Each instrument section will have an expert on that specific one for the whole time

  • Color guard takes place during marching band. Besides the fall season, there is also the winter guard

  • The color guard also is part of the marching band during performances at football games, competitions, etc.

*If you do not want to participate in marching band or color guard during the fall, you can take band as one of your classes, and winter guard is offered outside of the school day*


      • Mr. Kaufman is our wonderful theatre teacher

      • There are different roles included in theater: acting, crew/tech, choreography, assistant directing, marketing, etc.

      • There is a show in both the fall and the spring. In the winter, there are a series of one-act plays, directed, and created by the students

      • One of the two major shows is known as a “Cappies” show. Cappies is basically a competition between the school’s shows to win awards. It is a nationwide program, but most states have their own program. Cappies can be individual or group awards. For example, “Best actor”, or “best choreography”. If the show has been nominated for a Cappie (which doesn’t happen every year), then in the spring you go to the Kennedy Center with the other schools in the state who also did a Cappies' show (last spring there were 48 schools total) all dressed up where the awards ceremony takes place. It's a big deal, and everyone (regardless of area) comes together to perfect every aspect of the show

      • Crew/tech plays a huge role in all of the job(s) of the tech crew is to build the set (there is a whole set shop in the school where we use power tools and construction to build everything from scratch), and then closer to the opening night the people go into different groups in charge of costumes/makeup, lighting, sound, run crew, during the duration of the shows

      • Like Marching band, the theater is a lot of time and hard work, but it is so much fun putting on the productions and you get to meet and spend time with some truly amazing people as well.

      • Theatre is one of the most inclusive, supportive groups that you will join, and even if you don't enjoy acting on stage, there is a place for everyone!


  • Each sport is divided into fall, winter, and spring

  • Not all sports require you to try out, such as freshman football and cross country

  • The majority of the sports offered are competitive, but with that comes teamwork and meeting amazing people

  • Fall Sports: Competitive Cheer, Football, Cross Country, Boys Golf, Girls Cross Country, Girls Golf, Field Hockey, Girls Volleyball

  • Winter Sports: Dance, Boys Basketball. Girls Basketball, Gymnastics, Girls Indoor Track, Boys Indoor Track, Wrestling, Girls Swim and Dive, Boys Swim and Dive

  • Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Girls Tennis, Boys Tennis, Lacrosse Boys, Lacrosse, Girls Crew, Boys Crew, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Girls Track and Field, Boys Track and Field

Contact Link for all sports:

Clubs/Saxon Service

  • Club day is the 1st week of every month where if in person, the club meets at a certain place during Saxon time

  • Depending on how popular clubs are, the amount of commitment varies

  • Clubs are a great way to interact with others who share your own interests as well as learn something new!

  • You are even allowed to create your own club if desired, but must have certain requirements to do so, including having a teacher be the sponsor, at least 15 people interested in joining, etc.

  • Link for all Clubs available at Langley:

  • Saxon Service is usually one a month, where during Saxon time there are different activities set up that people can take part in to benefit a certain organization (Share, Military, etc.)

*Credit of links goes to Langley High School Website*